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Full Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping, or colour change as it is often referred as, has become a highly effective way of transforming your vehicle, without the need for costly re-sprays, and the vehicles original paint work is left unaffected.


The process is accomplished by applying an adhesive backed vinyl sheet to each panel of your vehicle. This is then warmed gently and formed to the contours of the vehicle. All our technicians are trained by industry market leader 3M™which ensures that not only do you get the right product for the job, but the vinyl is applied in the correct process meaning the best possible results.

Here at APM we can offer full or part vehicle wraps to suit your style and budget. Our roof / bonnet wraps have grown in popularity over the years, with some manufactures now following the same trends by  applying these styles to their production cars.

We can offer a wide range of colours to suit your needs, including the most popular styles - Matt Black, Matt White, Gloss White, Carbon, plus many more.


To see what APM can do for you today, simply call us, or fill in our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.

carprotect_filmAPM Clear Carprotect Film

With paint protection in mind, APM can offer our CarProtect System Film. Our film is transparent and can be applied to the most vunerable areas of your vehicle such as the bonnet, wings, bumpers or wing mirrors.

When fitted, the film protects your vehicle paint against chipping, scratches car wash brushes etc. The film is also impervious to petrol and oil spillage and will protect your car from sunlight and UV rays.

Our film has been tested by Ford and GM and independently tested to Renault standards for paintwork protection. Your car couldn't be better protected!

For further details and pricing, please call us on 01244 679704.

Vehicle Wrap FAQs

What is a vehicle wrap?

The most commonly asked question. Quite simply, our technicians apply a self adhesive vinyl to the painted surfaces of your vehicle, and using trained methods and gentle heating, contour the vinyl to the shape of your vehicles body work. The end result is a full vehicle colour change, without the need of a costly re-spray.

How long will it last?

Our full colour vehicle wraps can last upto 7 years, with specialist digitally printed colours lasting upto 5 years. We will always advise our clients on the best way to maintain the wrap for the best results.

How do I clean my wrap?

Our staff will offer all our clients the right advice on cleaning their vehicle after the wrap is complete.

What colours can I choose?

Our colour palette is vast, however if your require a specific colour our printers can digitally produce most colours at an additional cost.

How long does a wrap take to complete?

Our trained technicians can complete a full vehicle colour change in 2-3 days ensuring you are without your vehicle for the least amount of time as possible.

Do I need to inform my insurance?

We always advise that your insurance company should be informed of your wrap, this is due to the unfortunate position of having to make a claim for an accident, the insurance company would need to be aware of the material and labour costs to repair your vehicle.

The DVLA and Police need not be informed as the wrap is not a permanent colour change, and by opening your door or bonnet you can demonstrate the vehicles original colour is underneath.

Can the wrap be removed?

Yes, the wrap is permanent, meaning it will not fall off in the rain, however the wrap can be carefully removed at any point to reveal the vehicle's original paintwork.

What are the benefits of a vehicle wrap?

There are many ways in how a wrap can benefit, the main ones being; Paint protection and possible increased residual resale value of your vehicle, quicker and cheaper than a re-spray, non-permanent colour means the vehicle can be returned to the factory OEM paint at any time.

How much does a wrap cost?

Probably the most important question.  Our full colour vehicle wraps start from as little as £800. We can also offer partial wrapping ie. Bonnet, Roof etc. this is substantially cheaper. Should you require a costing for your vehicle, please get in touch with us.

3M authorised vehicle wrapper